Vehicle Wrapping

Available in a vast range of colours, including matt finishes, our vehicle wrapping service can be applied to your full vehicle (interior and exterior) or individual elements, for a defined look tailored to your personal tastes.

Our wraps include colour change wraps, carbon fibre wraps, roof wraps and bonnet wraps, reviving your vehicle’s look with a high quality, affordable finish.

Protect and extend the life of your paintwork
A wrap covers and protects your paintwork against scratches, blemishes, dust, dirt, industrial fallout and other road deposits that can attack and age the original paint surfaces.

Can be removed easily if you’re looking to sell, etc.
The beautiful thing about a wrap is that it can be easily removed to restore the original paintwork of the car without any damage to the paint or the car whatsoever. The ability to remove the wrap at anytime is great for when you’re looking to sell or hand the car back after a lease, etc.

Vinyl colour change car wraps are deemed a temporary colour change by the DVLA, which means that unlike a re-spray, there’s no need to tell the DVLA about your colour change!

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